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Thailand - Land of Smiles

Why would one root oneself up from family, friends and country to relocate to Thailand? Here are a number of good reasons for doing so.


Thailand’s climate is generally warm and temperate, being located in the tropics. Imagine no more cold winters, and winter clothing. That being said, most of the country does have seasons, so it’s not just hot, hot hot. Winter temperatures can drop to around 15C. Generally, a very comfortable range for most people, without the icy winds and rain of winter.

Medical Care

While we hope to not make use of it, the reality is that we are more likely to need medical and living care in our golden years. Thailand is globally-renowned for world-class affordable medical care.

Living Costs

Service costs in Thailand are typically around 10% of what they are in the western world. Whether you want to be totally self-supporting, or require full ‘Room & Board’, or anything in between, living costs are much cheaper in Thailand than your home country. Below are some sample monthly labour costs to help you realise why moving to Thailand makes great $ense!

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  • Registered Nurse THB฿20000
  • Full-time Caregiver THB฿8000
  • F&B Staff THB฿12000
  • F/T Registered Nurse 24/7 THB฿35000
  • Cook THB฿15000
  • Guard THB฿9000
  • Driver THB฿12000
  • Cleaner THB฿8000