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The Retirement home to make your kids jealous!

Retirement is not a final destination, it is a lifestyle choice, another opportunity to learn, to enjoy and to live. Forecasts from 2017 predict the global population of those aged 60 and above to double by 2050, reaching numbers around 2 billion people,. while life expectancy is also increasing, with Japan recording nearly 70 000 people over 100 years old. Advancement in medical practices and facilities has accelerated the growth of the ageing population as well as extended life expectancy on a global scale, resulting in the enjoyment of far better health of individuals in their ‘golden years’, which raises a problem for most of the developed world economies. Sadly, for a large proportion of Baby Boomers, and soon Generation X – who have spent their working lives saving up for their pensionable years, they now find that their savings will probably not be adequate to support them for their projected remaining lifetimes, and their governments are becoming simply unable to step in and help.

Some countries are already looking to house their retirees in lower-cost countries. In fact, Germany has been doing this for eight years already.

Then there are those who have sufficient funds to live modestly, but would consider an option to live in a better climate than their home country, along with a better (and lower cost) lifestyle and community, but still be able to access appropriate healthcare as and when needed, and at affordable prices. Retirement community residences in the UK currently start around USD$305,000 – out of the range of many retirees, while in Australia, pricing starts around USD$256,000. Our Retirement Villages specifically address these growing groups, and specifically native English speakers from Australia & the United Kingdom, by providing a community resort in Asia of twenty plus individuals/couples – along with available care, and starting at USD$209,000. Our pilot village is currently being constructed in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and will be available for residence by June, 2021.

You might ask ‘Why Chiang Mai’? Well, quite a number of reasons:

  • Chiang Mai already has a large expatriate population, exceeding 40,000
  • Services, such as cleaning, cooks, general staff, assisted living, nursing, maid, are around 15% of the costs of those in developed countries
  • Thailand already has world-renowned quality medical care at reasonable prices
  • Chiang Mai has a warm, but varied climate, with daily temperatures ranging between 15-35C

Please visit this page for more on beautiful Chiang Mai.

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