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About Us

Back in the second half of 2017, we started considering for ourselves what to do about retirement, and realized we would most likely retire in South-East Asia. We also realized that we would like to retire in a community of like-minded individuals. So we started our search for the ideal location, and decided to focus on Chiang Mai in Thailand. We then spent considerable time in Chiang Mai in early 2018 – looking at living costs, availability of medical services (should we need them).

We then started developing a plan to build a community village for our needs. However, during our research on the subject, this was potentially a much larger business opportunity, and so changed our focus to build our first ‘pilot’ project in Chiang Mai, and then start looking for other locations. Over the next 10 years, we plan to construct a further 8-10 retirement villages around South-East Asia, plus enable our residents to move between locations if they wish to spend say a few months in Chiang Mai, a few months in perhaps Vietnam or the Philippines.

We have also discovered during our research that there are already eight retirement communities (as of January, 2020) in and around Chiang Mai, but focusing on servicing patients with dementia. Such care is a fraction of the price in South-East Asia than that in our home countries.

Our retirement villages are focused on healthy retirees, but are cognizant of the fact that we all are much more at risk of developing such medical problems at our time of life.