RetireLife Asia - DEV2
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The Founders

There are three primary individuals involved in the development and operation of RetireLife Asia:

Peter Rigbye:

Peter spearheads the management of the organisation, including the setup of the requisite legal entities, contracts, plus ongoing administration. Peter is the Managing Director.

Peter has extensive experience in senior management, and for the last 25 years has owned and operated a Managed IT Services business in Singapore. Prior to that he held the position of Operations Vice President with Citibank for 14 years, with responsibilities including the design, deployment and operations of foreign exchange trading & settlement products around the financial capitals of the world.

Martin Spencer:

Martin, in addition to providing the original idea, is primarily responsible for onsite supervision during the acquiring of the land, build phase and initial operations, plus ensuring initial residents are comfortably and happily settled in their new home. Martin’s position is Operations Director.

Martin has obtained technical prowess and leadership qualities obtained over the last 35 years, and has gained experience in a diverse set of environments globally. Since leaving UK military service most of his working environment has been in the oil and gas industry. His most recent position being with NOV Singapore as a manager and had him dealing with everything a large corporate company demands of that position. Aside his working environment he has been hands on with developing properties in the UK mainly single and double let units.

John Avenell:

John is responsible for the sales & marketing of our villages – initially targeted at retiring individuals/couples in Australia & the United Kingdom. John has the position of Sales & Marketing Director.

John has served as an Officer in the Australian Army, and retired with the rank of Major. He has owned, operated and assisted in the global expansion of commercial barter trading companies providing a Business to Business Transaction Model. In addition to this he owns and operates a boutique IoT Company and Consulting Business.

Executive Management positions have included Australian National Franchise & Development Manager, Vice President & President USA Company, and CEO Singapore Company. John has worked on a part-time basis with the Singapore Government assisting with the export development of selected Singapore Companies into Australia. He has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Singapore